Carrion Game Wiki

Console Commands[]

The console is an in-game tool used to display logs and error messages, run commands and edit the game's settings while playing. It is an essential tool for creating Custom Levels.

Console commands allow you to tweak settings that aren't accessible otherwise, like modifying the game's speed, applying custom resolutions, or even displaying debug info and using hotkeys to give yourself more health or use custom video filters.

The console can be opened by pressing the backtick/tilde key [ ` ], usually located under the ESC key. The hotkey can be changed with set_setting console_hotkey [hotkey]. PageUp and PageDn can be used to scroll the console.



Syntax Description
set_hud [is_on](0/1) Toggles HUD visibility.
set_cursor [is_on](0/1) Displays your mouse cursor in the middle of the screen.
set_time_scale [mode](float) Multiplies the game's speed by the value specified (0.5 would be half speed, 1 is default).
set_setting [setting](string) [value](string) Changes the setting to the value specified (Table of settings below).
set_mouse_mode [capture_mode] Sets whether the cursor:
  • 0 | REAL_POSITION - Can leave the screen (Real mouse position, useful for drawing tablets).
  • 1 | CAPTURED - Can't leave the screen (Stuck in the middle of the screen) (default).
load_level [file_name](string) Loads the specified level.
edit_level [file_name](string) Enters "editor"/Free float mode (hot-reloads the level upon detecting any change in the level file).
next_level [next_level](string) Starts a transition to the specified level.
load_menu Loads the main menu.
gc Garbage collects (frees unused objects and data) and displays memory freed.
exit Quits the game.


Syntax Description
help [command](string) Displays information about the specified command. If [command] is left empty, shows command list instead.
list_mouse Displays mouse key list.
list_keyboard Displays keyboard key list.
list_gamepad Displays gamepad key list.
list_analog2d Displays analog2d key list (Mouse/DPad/Stick movement).
list_settings [search](string) Lists all settings that include the search term.
get_setting [setting](string) Displays the setting's current value.
get_cache_size Displays the "Estimated level generator's cache size" in bytes.
get_local_dir Displays the path to Carrion's LocalLow folder, containing game saves, settings and gamelogs. (C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Phobia\Carrion)
get_version Displays the game's version.
print_objects Displays the level's Object Systems and how many of each object there are.
print_overworld Displays your progress (Skills unlocked, Max. class, Completed Levels, Progress in each area).


Syntax Description
set_filtering [mode] Changes which filtering mode is being applied.
  • 0 | CRISPY_PIXELS - No filtering (Integer scaling; introduces black borders on some resolutions).
  • 1 | STRETCHED_PIXELS - Filtering applied on some resolutions (default).
  • 2 | CRT_EFFECT - Applies a filter that replicates old CRT monitors.
set_resolution [width](integer) [height](integer) [is_fullscreen](0/1) [is_vsync](0/1) Defines the game's resolution and toggles fullscreen and VSync on or off.
set_native_res [is_vsync](0/1) Toggles VSync.


Syntax Description
debug Displays debug information and graphs, like render time, logic time, FPS, etc.
set_debug_info [is_on](0/1) Toggles debug information.
set_graph [is_on](0/1) Toggles render time, logic time and sound update graphs.
set_music_debug [is_on](0/1) Displays music state. (kills, player_hurt, enemies, alert, upgrade, progress)

Settings (used with set_setting)[]


Setting Values Description
language EN, PL, GER, SP, FR, PTBR, RU, JP, KO, TCH, SCH Change the game's language.
show_credits 0/1 Display Credits and Demo on Main Menu.
gameplay_is_hud_enabled 0/1 Toggles HUD visibility.
system_alt_enter_fullscreen_toggle 0/1 Toggles Alt + Enter hotkey for Fullscreen
system_windowed_on_focus_lost 0/1 Game set to windowed on focus lost.


Setting Values Description
video_resolution WIDTHxHEIGHT Changes the game's resolution (Requires restart).
video_fullscreen 0/1 Toggles Fullscreen.
video_is_fullscreen_hw 0/1 Toggles Exclusive Fullscreen.
video_vsync 0/1 Toggles VSync.


Setting Values Description
audio_decompress_on_load 0/1 Decompress samples on startup (Requires restart).
audio_music_volume integer Set music volume.
audio_sound_volume integer Set sound effects volume.


Setting Values Description
debug_tentacle_range 0/1 Displays Prehensile Tentacle grab range.
debug_active_shooter 0/1 Highlights hostile humans shooting/attempting to shoot.
debug_hotkeys_enabled 0/1 Toggles Debug Hotkeys.
  • F2 - Play Mode
  • F4 - Free Float Mode
  • F5 - Quick Save
  • F6 - Crispy Pixels (No filtering)
  • F7 - Stretched Pixels (Filtering)
  • F8 - CRT Effect (Filtering)
  • F9 - Quick Load
  • PageUp - Increase biomass
  • PageDn - Decrease biomass
debug_lights_enabled 0/1 Toggles Lights Layer.
debug_light_layer_enabled 0/1 Toggles all lighting.
debug_parallax_enabled 0/1 Toggles Parallax Layer.
debug_eternal_fog_enabled 0/1 Toggles Eternal Fog Layer.
debug_fog_enabled 0/1 Toggles Fog Layer.
debug_level_layers_enabled 0/1 Toggles Tile Layers.

Controls - General Settings[]

Setting Hotkey
controller_vibration Controller Vibration intensity (0-4).
controller_smoothing Smoothes the motion of crosshairs/prehensile tentacle with analog sticks (0-100).
controller_vendor Changes gamepad brand/compatibility.
  • -1 - Auto
  • 0 - Xbox 360/Xbox One
  • 1 - PSX/PS2/PS3/PS4
  • 2 - NES/SNES/Wii
  • 3 - Nintendo Switch
  • 4 - Pro Controller

Controls - Keyboard + mouse[]

Setting Hotkey
console_hotkey Toggle in-game console.
controls_kb_monster_move Move
controls_kb_monster_look Aim/look around
controls_kb_monster_grab_tentacle Grow prehensile tentacle
controls_kb_monster_interact Use/Activate
controls_kb_monster_offensive Offensive skill
controls_kb_monster_defensive Defensive skill
controls_kb_monster_impersonation Parasitism
controls_kb_monster_roar Echolocation/Roar
controls_kb_human_move_left Walk left
controls_kb_human_move_right Walk right
controls_kb_human_move_up Climb up
controls_kb_human_move_down Climb down
controls_kb_human_look Aim/look around
controls_kb_human_run Run
controls_kb_human_interact Use/Activate
controls_kb_human_utility Use/Activate
controls_kb_human_offensive Shoot
controls_kb_human_defensive Activate shield
controls_kb_human_end_impersonation End Parasitism

Controls - Gamepad[]

Setting Hotkey
controls_gamepad_monster_move Move
controls_gamepad_monster_look Aim/look around
controls_gamepad_monster_tentacle Grow tentacle
controls_gamepad_monster_grab Grab items
controls_gamepad_monster_interact Use/Activate
controls_gamepad_monster_offensive Offensive skill
controls_gamepad_monster_defensive Defensive skill
controls_gamepad_monster_impersonation Parasitism
controls_gamepad_monster_roar Echolocation/Roar
controls_gamepad_human_move_climb Move/Climb
controls_gamepad_human_look Aim/look around
controls_gamepad_human_run Run
controls_gamepad_human_interact Use/Activate
controls_gamepad_human_utility Use/Activate
controls_gamepad_human_offensive Shoot
controls_gamepad_human_defensive Activate shield
controls_gamepad_human_end_impersonation End Parasitism